Reality Rules! Yukon Early Psychosis Intervention


Psychosis is a condition that affects the mind. It affects a person's ability to determine what is real and what is not real, characterized by changes in thinking, believing, perceiving and/or behaving. When someone presents in these ways, it is called a psychotic episode.

Psychosis is a serious but treatable medical condition.

During a psychotic episode, a person might experience the following symptoms:

Reality Rules! – Psychosis Symptoms List

The following symptoms can indicate psychosis. Don't ignore them – early intervention is key.

Confused Thinking

  • scattered thoughts
  • difficulty concentrating
  • thoughts may seem to speed up or slow down
  • difficulty following conversations

False Beliefs (Delusions)

  • unusual beliefs
  • suspiciousness
  • feeling like one is being controlled by an external force
  • believing that one has special abilities or powers


  • experiencing senses that others in the same vicinity do not
  • hearing voices that no one else hears
  • seeing things that no one else sees

Changed Feelings and Behaviours

  • appearing anxious, depressed or irritable
  • disconnecting from friends and family
  • difficulty attending or performing in work or school

Phases of Psychosis

A psychotic episode occurs in 3 phases: