Reality Rules! Yukon Early Psychosis Intervention


Help is needed for the young person to find out exactly what is happening and what type of treatment is required. People with psychosis often do not tell others because they are afraid of their reaction. If someone you know is showing symptoms of psychosis encourage the person or their family to seek the help of a professional such as a doctor, a nurse or a counselor.

Psychosis can be a confusing and distressing experience for the individual and their family. The whole family needs to have access to information and support. Studies show that family involvement has a very strong influence on successful recovery.

If the person and their family does not access help on their own, notify an adult who is in a position to make a difference for the person you are concerned about.

To access treatment and support in Yukon contact:

Mental Health Services in Whitehorse


Mental Health Services in Communities

867-993-7897 or call 1-800-661-0408 extension 8346

Whitehorse General Hospital


Community Health Centres

Beaver Creek 862-4444
Carcross 821-4444
Carmacks 863-4444
Dawson City 993-4444
Destruction Bay 841-4444
Faro 994-4444
Haines Junction 634-4444
Mayo 996-4444
Old Crow 966-4444
Pelly Crossing 537-4444
Ross River 969-4444
Teslin 390-4444
Watson Lake 536-7483
Watson Lake Hospital 536-4444

You can also contact: